/6 Tips to Look & Feel Great in the Morning

6 Tips to Look & Feel Great in the Morning


Who does not want to look fresh when wake up in the morning? Off course no one. But many of the women don’t really know the secrets to look good and if you are one of them, you should keep reading this article because it has got some great secrets about morning glow.

Use Highlighter

It is not very difficult to give your skin refreshing look in the morning and you just have to apply a little amount of highlighter on most visible part of your face such as your forehead and check bones. This is a very popular trick and many women use it which gives them great benefits.

Vitamin Supplement

Those who have lots of alcoholic drinks, can enjoy the benefits of vitamins supplements and mineral supplements which are easily available to help you look fresh in the morning. In this context, expert often suggest to use the fish oil supplement or B12 Complex as both of them have been proven to be really effective in providing amazing morning glow, charm and attraction and you can feel better and stay more active in morning.

Enjoy Your Morning

Getting up early in the morning and going out to enjoy the nature is one of the oldest and the most effective technique to get lots of health benefits including beautiful, soft and soothing skin. It is believed that walking in a part or simply sitting in front of your yard can make you feel amazing great and fresh.

Apply Moisturizer Instead of Foundation

Many women like to apply foundation but instead of it, you can use a good moisturizer rich in vitamins which can rehydrate your body which it needs especially in morning hours after restless night. If you think that applying light foundation layers does not harm your skin, you should know that it may make your skin dull and dry.

Minimal Eye Make-up

Many women also make the mistake to put on heavy liner strokes which is not at all good and instead, you should try quite light make up for eye. The eyeshadow with neutral color seems to be a better choice if followed with mascara but no heavy strokes.

Extra Pillow

If you have been through the experience of feeling fresh in the morning with full volume of energy but look tired from the face, you know how bad it seems. There is a very simple technique to avoid the puffiness in the morning and that is the use of an extra pillow when you sleep at night. An extra pillow will help you keep your head slightly raised which will stop the flow of fluids gather around eyes.

Final Words

Follow the above mentioned tips and you will experience how great it is to look fresh every morning when you wake up and get ready to face the challenges of real life. Don’t ignore them as they are not just about how you look in the morning but it is all about how you perform throughout the day when you go out to your office, college, meeting or seminars etc.