/6 Simple Makeup Tricks That Can Make Your Face Look Thinner

6 Simple Makeup Tricks That Can Make Your Face Look Thinner


Many women want to make their face look thinner but they don’t really know the ways to do it. If you are one of those and really want to learn some of the tricks which you can us to give a thinner look to your face, you should read this article that contains some very effective tricks for this purpose. If you understand the importance of those simple tricks, you can bring amazing changes in your overall facial look.

Using Bronzer

Many women have the double chin issue and if you are going through the same, you can try this simple but really effective trick. If you use bronzer under chin and jawline, this will greatly reduce the double chin look but you need to do it with darker shades than actual toning of your skin. However, it does not mean that you should go for too darker as this will be more noticeable.

Apply Eyeshadow

You can also use eyeliner, mascara and bold eyeshadow to make your face look thinner but don’t apply too much otherwise your overall appearance will look messy and untidy. In this case, the only thing you can do for better results is to make your eyes more attractive as this will lengthen your face but don’t forget to match the color of shadow with natural color of eyes.

Apply Lighter Lipstick

This is another very simple technique which is often used to make face look thinner. In this technique you use lighter shade of lipstick but it will be useless if you use red color. The best color for this purpose is pinks or neutral. If you chose a shade which is quite similar to the natural tone of your skin, your lips will seem to be extended and lengthened and this will surely give a thinner appearance to your face.

Apply Moisturizer

Don’t forget to use moisturizer on your skin as your skin always needs to be fully moisturized especially if it is dry. Choose from the top most quality moisturizer as there are various types of moisturizes available at markets but they will not fulfil your requirement.

Thinner Eyebrows

Some women have the misunderstanding that thinner eyebrows will give their face thinner look but this is absolutely wrong. In fact, if you have full eyebrows, it will make your facial area look thinner. It is proven that the full eyebrows catch the attention of those who are looking at your face and the full eyebrows don’t let them give attention to face roundness. Therefore, you must never make eyebrows plucking mistake to make them thinner as this will be completely useless.

The blush

Women with round cheeks, should never try to apply blush as it will make them more apparent. It is always better not to use it but if you have no other choice or just want to use it, you better stick to the neutrals and when you intend to use blush, blend it on facial area very lightly with a soft brush.