/6 Signs That Prove You Have Become a Fashion Victim

6 Signs That Prove You Have Become a Fashion Victim


There are lots of fashion trends and you might have tried many of them but it is not necessary that each trend will look good on you as each trend or style is not for you. Some might be great for you while others are not and therefore, it is really important to understand what suits on your body shape. If you just follow trends without focusing results, you will soon become fashion victim. Here are a few signs which will help you understand if you have become a fashion victim or going to be.

1 – Blindly Following Trends

If you don’t think what fits on your body shape and just wear everything recently introduced, you are a real fashion victim. If you have a curvy body and dress like having hourglass figures, you will have to face the sarcastic statements or smiley eyes of the people.

2 – Wearing Uncomfortable Dresses

Sometimes, you just buy a dress only because you saw a girl who was looking sexy in that dress. Well, if it looked good on a girl, it does not mean that it will also look great on you. The dress might not be for your body type and when you try to get into it, you feel uncomfortable which make you lose your confidence especially when you notice people looking at you.

3 – Following Outdated Designs

Fashion victim does not just mean the one who follows the latest trends, but if you follow the past trends, it is also called fashion victim. If you buy something currently in fashion for your body type, you should not store it and wear after the fashion has gone outdated.

4 – You are Crazy about Latest Fashion Trends

Another sign of fashion victim is craziness towards fashion in which you try to adjust your body figure so you can follow that trend. There are some women who have curvy body figure but go on harsh diets so they can try a latest fashion introduced for zero size.

5 – You Try Inappropriate Outfits to Look Different

There are various fashion trends which never go out of the fashion and they seem to be appropriate for everyone regardless of size, curves and age. On contrary, there are some trends which are exclusive for certain people and are considered to be inappropriate for others. For example, if you buy a dress design for you which you know is exclusive for aged people but you try this to look different, you are surely a fashion victim.

6 – Grabbing More Eyeballs

There are some women who just want to grab the attention of the people when they are at parties and to do this, they wear odd dresses, wedge sandals and expose their body areas. If you don’t care what looks good on you, you will surely get the attention but will not get positive remarks.

Final Words

Blindly follow trends will never help you grab the attention and good remarks and therefore, it is really important to understand what really looks good on you so you can leave a good impression on everyone who looks at you.