/6 Great Styling Tips for Short Women to Look Taller

6 Great Styling Tips for Short Women to Look Taller


If you are a woman with short height, you should never feel any disappointment about it as you really have an extra advantage over the other women with tall height. The advantage is about fashion world which allows you to try a lot more than the other women. Taller women have to face different problems when they try to find something for them as most of the trends are introduced for average women which can be used by short women by making little alterations if necessary. Here are a few tips which can help you look awesome.

1 – Pants & Skirts with High Waist

If you are short, you should wear higher waist pants or skirts as this will maximize the height. It has been observed that the pants with high waist can make a short woman look a little tall by giving an illusion to strengthen legs. However, you should not try to wear hip pants.

2 – Flared Pants &Capri Pants

If you want to look taller, you should wear straight pants or the pants that can cover your feet as this will make you look taller than your actual height. Also keep in mind that flared pants or Capri pants are not good choices for you as both of those styles make you look even shorter.

3 – Monochromatic Colors

Fashion experts believe that a short woman can easily lengthen her body line by putting on monochromatic colors. This might be a little surprising for you if you have never heard about it before. However, it has been observed that covering top and bottom with two different colors, divide overall body length into two parts which visually make body shorter. Moreover, if you use dark color in your upper and light color in lower areas, the difference will be more visible. Therefore, you should always wear one shade monochromatic outfits.

4 – Dark Colors

Another interesting fact about dressing is that if you wear dark color especiallymonochromatic, it will give your body with alengthened look. You can try wearing a pair of black pants in slim fitting along with stylish black top. Also wear high heels in black and put on other necessary accessories, you will realize that you have got not just longer but also thinner body.

5 – Comfortable Shoes

There is no need to wear the same high heels every day. In fact, you should try other comfortable shoes which are available in moderate sized heels. You should never confine yourself with certain styles but there are lots of designs out there which you can match with your outfits and wear.

6 – Thin Belt

As far as belt is concerned, most short women don’t care about it as they think belt does not make any difference. In fact, belt also makes difference and if you choose to put a thick belt on your waistline, it will cut your body length. Therefore, you should always choose to wear a thinner belt to maintain a clean waist line and if you follow all the above mentioned tips, you can very easily give a taller look to your short body.