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6 Fashion Tips for Curvy Girls


Most of the women with voluptuous body feel embarrassed because of having little more fleshy, curvy and rounded shape especially in their chest area. If you are one of those, you must know that being curvy is not a bad thing and you can really look sexier and more fashionable than a skinny woman. Here are a few tips which can greatly help you make right fashion choices.

Avoid Wearing Dark Colors

Avoid wearing dark colors because when you wear dresses in dark, your upper body areas will be more visible and highlighted and you will look even fatter. Therefore, you should always wear bright, light or neutral colored dresses in which you will look thinner. Make up to highlight those area which have less flab.

Choose the Right Bra

You might not know that wearing right bra really makes a great difference in your overall body look. Most of the women wear the wrong shaped and wrong sized bra because of not knowing the correct way to measure. Therefore, it is better to ask a professional for the right measurement as this will make you look thinner, slimmer and sexier.

Choose a Pencil or Straight Skirt

If you have voluptuous body, you should also consider to wear pencil skirts or straight skirts along with heavy upper such as loose silk blouses or chiffon blouses. Remember if you wear baggy clothes, you will look wider because of your width and curves. When you wear a pencil skirt, it makes your waist width look lesser and it is also great for your legs and calves. Highlight your look with beautiful Jewelry and stylish scarfs.

High Heels Will Make You Look Sexier

You might not like to wear high heels or might not feel comfortable but having a curvy rounder figures, you should wear high heels as this will make you look sexier and the attention of people get diverted from your heavy hips to your heels and your bust line does not get highlighted. If you don’t feel comfortable in pencil heels, you can wear wedge heels to wear regularly.

Choose the Right Belts for Your Body

Don’t underestimate your curves but take the advantage of them and decorate your body with dresses, jewelry, high heels and the belt on your waist as well. Wearing a belt gives your upper body an edge. However, avoid wearing belt in black color as it may not make you look thinner.

Get Bold Accessories

Having voluptuous body figures does not allow you to wear small accessories as those will not be visible on you. Therefore, you should go for bold type accessories such as chunky bracelets, long necklaces and earrings with large loops.

Final Words

These are few fashion tips for curvy shaped girls and if you follow them, you can take the full advantage of your curves. However, make sure to keep everything simple and don’t try to overdo or else you might make mistake to highlight wrong parts of your body which may not give you thinner, slimmer and sexier look.