/5 Tips to Make Your Makeup Stay Longer

5 Tips to Make Your Makeup Stay Longer


Many women are under the impression that they need to apply lots of cosmetics to make their makeup stay longer during the day but this is not right. In fact, the secret to make it last is quality not quantity and the use right products at the right time in the right order. Let’s have a look at some of the ways to enjoy long lasting makeup effects.

1 – Moisturize Your Face

It is important to moisturize your face but if you use heavier formula for this purpose, it will not be a good choice. Instead you should use a lighter formula and remember you need to find one of the best moisturizer so it does not make your makeup run. Women with oily skin should also use moisturizer.

2 –Use Concealer

Concealer is also a good choice for your makeup to make it last all the day long and the best thing about concealer is that it will hide your skin imperfections. Apply a bit of concealer under eyes, under nose, top eyelids, and top lips, by doing this you can easily contour your facial area. Concealer is really effective in illuminating face and it will also help to improve eye shadows stick towards eyelids. However, remember to apply it before you apply foundation.

3 – Apply Foundation

The application of foundation is an integral part of your makeup when it is about making it last longer. You need to find a perfect brand of foundation that doesn’t run or look oily. If you use a light layer of powder on foundation top, it can give you even better results. Many women think that only an expensive foundation can give good results which is not at all right because you can find various brands that are cheaper yet give brilliant results.

4 – Use Brushes Instead of Your Hands

Another important thing is to use brushes and sponges to apply makeup on your skin rather than your hands. Keep in mind that your hands may be untidy or may be carrying natural oils while placing on skin. Therefore, the better option is always to use brushes for powder, bronzer, blush or eyeshadow.

5 – Get Perfect Eyeliner

Many women have the problems with their eyeliner which begins running within few hours after applying. Try to find the eyeliner that suits you best and stay on your eyelids throughout the day. You can also use pencils but remember they might rub eyelid raw. Try neutral eyeshadow and apply it right to the eyelids’ rims where you will use eyeliner. You can use beige, white color or cream.

Final Words

Use these 5 tips and see effective they are in helping you with your makeup throughout the day. If you have to apply various layers of makeup many times a day, this will create various problems for you physically as well as mentally. However, If your makeup stay long, it gives you enough time and confidence to participate in all other activities and you will perform even better in everything you do.