/5 Tips to Apply While Traveling to Maintain Your Beauty

5 Tips to Apply While Traveling to Maintain Your Beauty


Summer time is fast approaching, filling our heads and minds with all kinds of travel and vacation ideas. One of the additional worries we have is about how to maintain our health and beauty regimen while on holiday. Given below are five pieces of advice by frequent travelers, who have managed to look fresh and fabulous while being miles away from home.

1) Keep your suitcase well stocked

Depending on your mode of travel and the distance involved, you might have to reduce or rethink your stock of beauty products that can be taken while you travel. However do keep in mind luggage regulations while traveling. Another option is to look out for disposable bottles of travel packs of your favorite products, which may be available to meet your needs.

2) Determine what is important

You will quite likely have to choose and economize while going on a trip or vacation, so it makes sense to carry along only those products that you really cannot do without and that clearly make a difference to your skin and beauty regimen. Traveling light means one moisturizer, one cleanser, one scrub, exfoliate item and so on. Do away with excess items.

3) Pack keeping your destination in mind

The number of days you will spend on vacation and the place you are going to will have an effect on what you need to take along for the trip. For instance, you may need extra moisturizer in places where it is hot and dry. Creams may be a better choice in winter, and don’t forget sunscreen and sunblock with a good SPF when at the beach.

4) Simplify your travel wardrobe

You can travel with a lot less luggage and worry if you can determine in advance what can be bought and used at your destination. There is no need to carry wipes and other light items- these can be got easily wherever you go. Green and other scented teas and other beauty products are available almost everywhere you go, so stick to what is absolutely necessary.

5) Don’t ignore samples and giveaways

We all tend to downplay the importance and usefulness of product samples and giveaways. True, they can be just an advertising gimmick and not have much commercial value. However it is quite convenient to travel with a load of light giveaways and sample products because these take up less space and weight and also come in a safe and convenient packing. Visiting a skin specialist and getting friendly with the local doctor may be another source for free products and samples while you are on vacation.

Travel time does not have to make you begin to dread the consequences of moving away from your home without the benefit of your favorite health and beauty skin products. Looking at your skin type, you can opt to carry some of the absolute essentials while the others you can buy at your destination or do without for the time being. It’s all up to the availability and need of the products used.