/5 Quick Fix Emergency Solutions to Get Rid of Hair Greasiness
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5 Quick Fix Emergency Solutions to Get Rid of Hair Greasiness


No matter what type of hair you have, you can get greasiness in your hair any time due to many reasons even if you don’t have naturally oily hair, you can get the oiliness. For example, during the hot weather, if you are doing workouts, you will get lots of sweating which will turn into oil and tarnish your beautiful hair style as the greasy mess will make them damp and limp type looking. Here in this article, you will learn about few emergency solutions to get rid of greasy hair.

1) Use of Dry Shampoo

If you are spending night out at a party or enjoying dance floor, you might feel dampness of your hair due to dancing which will give you a lackluster look. Now you need to have a quick fix solution for your problem.

Here you can use dry shampoo as an emergency solution for you problem. It is not necessary to always use dry shampoo but you can have one with you to deal with this kind of emergency when you don’t have time to spend on your hair styling.

2) Use of Hand Sanitizer

Second emergency solution is the use of hand sanitizer cleanser. This really works for hair and whenever you have greasy hair, you can always massage them with a little amount of sanitizer.

Take little amount to use and gently massage the root. This will break down the natural oil from your hair and will give you even a fresher look. You can have sanitizer in your handbag with no problem at all.

3) Use of Baby Powder

You can even use baby power for this purpose, if you don’t have the above mentioned things in your handbag. Though, there may be only few who have baby powder with them and if you are one of them, you can very effectively use them.

Simply rub the hair roots with the powder and then brush to get rid of the excessive. This will provide you a quick solution and you will be able to get a better style for your hair without any problem.

4) Use of Perfume

Perform is something that every woman has in her handbag and you can use it as a quick solution for the problem. Spray some on those area which have oiliness, and this will help you improve your look by getting rid of greasy look.

Perform contains alcohol and this will be really effective in breaking down the excessive oil. However, avoid using it too often or it may dry out your hair.

5) Use of Paper Towels

If you don’t have dry shampoo, hand sanitizer, baby powder or perfume, don’t worry, you can still use another alternative emergency solution and that is the use of paper towels which may be readily available in your bag.

You just have to take paper towel and use it for dabbing the areas which have greasiness. Thought, it may not be as effective as the above methods but something is better than nothing and it works.