/5 Perfect Styling Tips for Slim Girls

5 Perfect Styling Tips for Slim Girls


There are a large variety of fashions and styles but off course everything is not for your body type. Something that looks good on a curvy girl might not look good on a slim girl, therefore, you must know what looks good on you. If you are a slim girl, here are few tips for you that can help you understand what you should wear every day and what shouldn’t.

1) Baggy Clothes aren’t for You.

There are many girls who have slim body and don’t want to look like that and think that wearing baggy clothes can make them look. In fact, they are absolutely wrong and they must not have baggy clothes in their closet.

2) Choose from the Right Tops

There are different types of tops are available from which you can try and choose the ones that give your upper body flatter look. Make sure not to choose the ones which are made of excessive fabric. Being a slim girl, you better choose fitted tops with ruffles or pockets or anything else that can reduce visibility of slimness. If you wear a dress with batwing sleeves style, your upper body will not be more apparent because of excess fabric. Moreover, if you wear strapless tops, they will make small breasts look even smaller. Therefore, you better avoid both of these styles.

3) Choose the Right Pair of Jeans

Being a skinny girl, you have to face a number of dressing problems which can be controlled if you give a little more focused on styles you choose to wear. For example, if you have to choose a pair of pants or jeans, you should go for skinny jeans but it does not mean that ultra will also be perfect for you. You should avoid ultra-skinny jeans as well as boyfriend cut which swamp skinny legs. You can also try bootleg jeans.

4) Have Clothes Tailored

Being too heavy or too slim always creates problems as it seems quite difficult to find the perfect fitting for clothes. Sometimes, you find that the pants you have just bought are too long or too loose. Therefore, the best thing to deal with this problem is to have clothe tailored. It might cost you a little more expensive but you can find the best fitting for you. Moreover, if you have access to a sewing machine, you can yourself make alterations to your clothes.

5) Add Your Curves

The biggest problem with slim girls is that they don’t usually have curves which deprive them of trying most of the latest fashions and dresses as most of fashion trends are designed for women with curves. However, you can still add details to increase your curves. For instance, you can try peplum tops which will highlight your body shape.

Final Words

Don’t think you cannot the try latest fashion and styles because of your slim body. You can still enjoy everything if you pay a little more focused on choosing the clothes and other accessories to add definition to your body figures.