/5 Most Simplest Ways to Look Younger
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5 Most Simplest Ways to Look Younger


Is there any woman who does not want to look younger than her actual age? Most probably, the answer would be NO; because, a woman can do everything to hide or reduce the signs of her growing age. Unfortunately, in most of the cases, it seems to be quite difficult to look younger as the natural charm, beauty and glow of skin begins to lose with the passage of time. However, there are still some ways that can great help you and few of them are mentioned below:

1) Use Of Right Makeup

Have you even tried to know that the makeup you wear every day is safe for you or not? Do you know there might be some articles among your makeup stuff which might be containing harmful chemicals? The chemicals and other ingredients can be really damaging for your skin and you might have to even older than your actual age. Therefore, you must always use the right makeup on your skin to avoid wrinkles and lines and other signs of aging.

2) Take Care Of Your Hands

You apply makeup, beauty creams, lotions and moisturizers on your facial area to give it a glowing look, however, many of the women ignore their hands which is not at all right and they must spare some time on improving the skin of their hands. If you have a tight budget, you should adjust it to meet the requirement of your hands but should not ignore them. Use exclusively prepared creams for hands and sunscreen on regular basis.

3) Intake of Vitamin C

You might be using externally used products on your skin but it does not mean that you should ignore the internal requirement of your skin. Your body needs vitamins, protein and other nutrients which all are resulted into beautiful skin. Therefore, you must include the foods in your diet that contain vitamin C which is essential to stimulate collagen production in skin that helps in keeping the skin young, fresh and glowing. You can eat strawberries,grapefruits, kiwis, oranges,tomatoes and bell peppers.

4) Intake of Protein

Like the vitamin, protein is also the most integral part of a healthy diet plan which is believed to play a significant role to improve overall beauty of the skin. The benefits of taking protein includes the production of collagen, development of body structure and cell turnover and improving overall body appearance. You can get protein from the chicken breast, sirloin steak, dairy foods with lower fat, eggs, beans and nuts.

5) Use Oil InYour Salads

Another very effective suggestion is the use of oil in the salads you eat. You might be using mayo which may taste great but may not be as healthy as you need for having a beautiful skin. When you use oil in salads, it gives you taste as well as health and if you combine olive or canola with vinegar, it gives even better results. Moreover, it you mix some oil with greens, this lets your body absorbs vitamin C,E and antioxidants.