/5 Foods that Benefit & 5 others that are Detrimental to Oily Skin

5 Foods that Benefit & 5 others that are Detrimental to Oily Skin


The majority of the people have normal skin type while there are many others who have oily skin and therefore, it is really important to match your skin type with the skincare products you use which means reading and understanding labels and their ingredients found on products. Oily skin stashes sebum, a greasy substance that causes your skin look greasy. Your daily diet, regular exercise and healthy or unhealthy lifestyle also make a difference in your overall look from your face to toe. However there is a long list of things to be avoided if we want to maintain the beauty and charm of your skin. Therefore it is best to keep a few things in mind when it comes to looking after oily skin type:

Foods that must Be Included in Diet Menu

1) Fiber Consumption

Consumption of fiber helps retain essential nutrients. Fiber also gets out various toxins from our body. Taking a high-fiber based diet including brown bread, corn, oatmeal and fruits is sure to improve one’s skin and give you a clean and flawless appearance.

2) Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Foods that are full of O3FA are known to contain anti-inflammatory properties which are considered to be awesomely effective in improving health and beauty of skin. Some of such foods are avocados, nuts, tuna, salmon and soya beans.

3) Water Consumption

Water is universally known to cleanse toxins out of the body. Sipping plenty of water all through the day helps hydrate the body that helps you make your skin younger and supple looking. It is a sure bet that drinking mineral water is a better option than tap water.

4) Grapefruit

It is given lots of importance due to having lots of fiber and water which makes it one of the great sources of gaining Vitamin C. Remember that vitamin C is another property that flushes toxins out of the body. Take grapefruit or its juice without any sweetener for best results.

5) Cucumbers

Did you know that cucumbers are made of almost 90 percent water? They also have anti-oxidant stuff that can rehydrate your skin. The consumption of Cucumber will leaves very good effects on your skin and you will be able to get flawless and supple looking skin. Consuming cucumbers raw with a touch of salt adds flavor and makes them more palatable to some.

Foods that must Be Excluded from Diet Menu

I) Dairy Products

You may be shocked to note that various dairy products might be very dangerous for the health and beauty of your oily skin as it may have a terrible effect for oily skin as it worsens acne-related problems and promotes aging. Therefore, the fitness experts advise not to drink milk to get calcium, instead you can eat lefty vegetables.

II) Added Sugar

These sugars include honey, maltose, corn syrup and cane sugar. They may kick start level of cholesterol and level of sugar in the blood, give the skin a grease laden look and thus cause to develop high levels of acne development. These artificial sweeteners also have accelerated glycemic index levels which can prove detrimental for oily skin. Therefore, it is best to totally avoid the consumption of foods as well as beverages contain artificial sweeteners.

III) Fatty Meats

Ham, lamb, pork, beef and other fatty red meats are known to be loaded with saturated fats. They are the main causes of high cholesterol and fat and both of them leave bad impact on the skin. For best and long lasting results, reduce the consumption of all such meats.

IV) Salty Snacks

Most of us aspire to eat snacks like salty chips, Pringles, salty biscuits and chocolate filled Oreos. Unfortunately, salty snacks are loaded with high amount of sodium and trans-fats and both of these contents cause inflammation to your skin which greatly tarnish overall health and look of your skin. Therefore, you better avoid consuming salty snacks so you can keep from skin away from the harmful effects.

V) Refined Flour

White flour is produced if the whole grains are devoid of fiber as well as other nutritional content. Baked foods, breads, pasta and cereals are immersed with refined flour. They all may lead your skin to get excessive oil that brings greasiness on your skin which is prone to some skin ailment or the other. It is better to stay off enriched flour and consume oats, brown rice and whole breads instead.