/5 Causes of Dry Skin Rash on Face
Dry Skin

5 Causes of Dry Skin Rash on Face


The symptoms and appearance of dry skin rash on face the completely depends upon the actual causes of these rashes. Here you will see some of the most common causes.

Cause # 1: Wrong Food Choices

If you have dry skin, this can make your skin look dry and if you don’t treat this problem in time, it may ultimately lead to the severe skin condition such as psoriasis. Dry skin rash face is usually caused by the lack of moisture and natural oils from your skin and wrong food choices play a major role in causing this problem.

Cause # 2: Skin Care Products

If you have been using the skin care products which contain harsh chemicals, you might also develop these dry rashes on your face. In addition to this, when you buy and use a beauty product, make sure that it is not expired or outdated.

Cause # 3: Allergies

Your skin can also get allergies because of the unhealthy foods and beauty care products and in this case you may have red itchy rashes on your face and other skin areas.

Cause # 4: Extreme Exposure to sun or Heat

Another major reason of dry skin face rash is overexposure to the sunlight or heat. Face pimple is a very common problem caused by heating. However, this is actually a sign for you that your body can not bear anymore exposure to the sun or heating.

Cause # 5: Psoriasis

If you have dry skin rashes, this may also indicate that you have been affected with psoriasis which is a very common skin condition.