/4 Tips to Keep Long Hair Shinny & Healthy
girl with long hair

4 Tips to Keep Long Hair Shinny & Healthy


Having long hair can be a great addition in your overall beauty but it may also be a real problem for you as it takes lots of time to look after long hair. When you have longer hair, they are always more prone to get damaged due to many reasons but it does not mean that you should not have longer hair. There are few tips which will be really good for you and if you follow them, you can easily keep your hair shinny and healthy.

1) Avoid Overdoing Hair Products

First of all you must remember not to overdo the use of different types of hair products as it has been observed in a number of cases that those who have longer hair always want them to be shinny for which they use hair caring products but some of them might get build-up on your hair which automatically increases the weight.

It has also been observed that it the beginning when you use such products especially the ones which contain silicone make your long hair look and feel greater and shinier but after some time you will yourself feel that there are built up on them which now have begun making them dry rather than shine.

2) Match Hair Products with Hair Type

While you are buying hair products, make sure to match them with the type of your hair rather than just buying popular products. It is better to have the products which are made of natural ingredients and you must avoid those which contain chemicals.

Before you buy any product, it is good to consult with your hairdresser who understands your hair better and will be able to tell you what products are best for you. If you don’t have much knowledge of the products and hair type, you might not be able to make the right choices.

3) Try Natural Bristle Brush

When you have longer hair, you have them in great number to be brushed and if you don’t have a good hairbrush, you are making a real mistake. You must spend some money on buying the quality brush and the best one is bristle brush which has rounded bristles.

The brush you are choosing should be firm so you can hold and use it properly but it should not be a pulling force. If you don’t want to have pain while brushing, you better buy a comb with wide tooth.

4) Excessive Use of Hair Color

The use of hair dyes have become very common but the more you use, the more damage you get for your hair as most of the hair dyes contain harsh type chemicals which can be quite drastic for the health and safety of hair.

Therefore, the experts always suggest not to use hair dyes and it is good to stay with natural color. If you have to do coloring on your hair, do it only when you think it is now necessary to get a change. But doing it too often will be really harmful for you.