/3 Natural Home Remedies for Sunburn Lips Treatment

3 Natural Home Remedies for Sunburn Lips Treatment


Everybody enjoys going out in the sun, but if your lips are not protected with SPF before you go out, you are making a big blunder as this will invite sunburn lips which makes your lips feel and look awful. Sunburn on lips can appear in 3 degrees and it is really important to understand which degree you are suffering from. If you are suffering from the first degree, you will feel redness and swelling which normally do not cause too much discomfort; if you are suffering from the 2nd degree, you might experience the same problems in addition to which you will also have blistering. However, if you are unfortunate to have the 3rd degree of, your lips will be charred and in this case, you can do nothing but immediately visit a doctor.

If you believe you have nothing more than the 1st degree symptoms, you can use natural home treatment methods to get rid of this problem.

1) Aloe Vera Gel

The researches show that aloe vera has anti inflammatory properties and its application in small amount can be quite helpful in reducing pain and inflammation. Make sure to get aloe vera gel which is pure and unscented. Lips sunburn inflammation as well as pain can be reduced with aloe vera which will also reduce peeling. If you have aloe vera plant, you can have fresh leaves as well as the plant’s inner flesh. Take one leaf and peel off the thick layer and apply both of these ingredients on the burnt skin areas.


You must never try to digest aloe vera as this will cause effects of laxative. It might also have few side effects and this is better to use it after consulting with your doctor, especially in case of pregnancy. The children should also avoid its use.

2) Oils with Vitamin E

You can also use oils which contain vitamin E. This is really a good idea to apply a little amount of oil with vitamin E. Try to keep your lips lubricated with such oils especially after you have had your meal and when you go to your bed, apply the same oil. If you get the pure oil with vitamin E, this can greatly help you prevent scarring and it will also increase the production of new and healthy skin cells.

Unlike aloe vera gel, vitamin E oils can be used by the children too as the researches show that the children who were recommended to use vitamin E before or after surgery, experienced an increased healing process to their wounds. However, it is parents’ responsibility to get the oils which are pure and high in quality. Children may also experience reactions. Therefore, the amount of oil should be limited in case of swollen lips sunburn.

3) Potato Juice

Sunburn lip treatment can be done with the help of potato juicing recipes. It is believed that potatoes contain starch which leaves cooling sensation to the skin to cool down the burns. Potatoes should be grated to drain out the shreds through a colander. Blend the potato to get puree. Now potato juice can be applied on your lips and be left for as long as you can.

When it is about sunburn lip blister, you should not try the chap sticks as they may turn out to be very bad; instead get some cream which is exclusively prepared for healing the burns and the best cream to use is the one which contains vitamin E as well as aloe vera.