/3 Major Causes & Treatments of Dry Patches on Skin

3 Major Causes & Treatments of Dry Patches on Skin


Having dry patches on skin is a very common problem which is faced by a large number of people. These patches usually occur on face, forehead and other body areas. To treat these dry patches, you need to know what actually is causing them. There might be many reasons and 3 of them are mentioned below.

Cause 1 – Eczema

If you have dry patches on your arms or legs, there is a risk that this can be caused by eczema which is really a disturbing skin condition that causes itchiness, irritation and extreme discomfort. If you are suffering from eczema, you might feel like scratching on your skin to get relieved from itchy feeling, but you must never do this act as this will irritate your skin and you will get into bigger trouble. Dermatitis is normally a reaction of some kind of allergy which occurs when skin gets irritated.

Cause 2 – Psoriasis

Another disease in which you may have patches of dry skin on your face or other body area is called Psoriasis. It might be an extremely painful condition and unfortunately no proper and permanent treatment has been developed so far. Psoriasis might be in form of mild and severe, but a proper diagnosis is necessary to understand the severity of the disease.

Cause 3 – Pitted Keratolysis

If you notice dry patches on your feet, you might be dealing with pitted keratolysis, also called ringed keratolysis which is a non-contagious infection. It is usually caused by tight shoes that causes excessive amount of sweating, thus, caused infection. This condition can be treated with antibiotic creams. There might be various other reasons of and if these patches are not because of eczema, psoriasis or some other severe condition you can treat them with topical creams and by making a few changes in your regular lifestyle.


  1. Dry skin needs moisturizer and you need to include fresh fruits and green vegetables in your diet plan to keep it fully moisturized and hydrated.
  2. Avocado oil is recommended to get relieved from eczema, psoriasis and sunburn.
  3. Drink lots of water every day to moisturize your skin and body.
  4. Dry red patches on skin can be worse if you don’t limit the consumption of alcohol on your regular day. Alcohol will squeeze out the natural oils and moisture from your skin.
  5. Smoking is another bad habit which must be quit as soon as possible. You must have seen the people who have been smoking for many years and the adverse effects of this bad habit appear on skin.
  6. Don’t sleep late at night; try to sleep earlier so you can have a good night sleep of about 8-10 hours.
  7. While you are using topical creams, make sure that they do not contain chemicals which are irritating to your skin; in such a case, they may cause even worse dry itchy patches.