/3 Homemade Scrubs For Your Dry Skin

3 Homemade Scrubs For Your Dry Skin


You can find a number of skin care products for the beauty and health of your dry skin but nothing can be compared with natural homemade remedies as those are free of harmful chemicals and other preservatives. Most importantly, you prepare them with your own hands or at least in front of your eyes and thus you don’t have any fear of side effects when you use them on your skin. You can make everything at home including cleanser, moisturizers and scrubs and in this article, you will learn how to make homemade scrub for your dry skin with your natural ingredients.

1) Scrub with Coffee Grounds

All skin types can be revitalized with the help of coffee grounds and thus they also work effectively for dry skin. Making scrub with coffee grounds can be the simplest type of face scrub prepared at home.

  • Take some coffee beans and grind them to take one tbsp of coffee and also take one tbsp of water. Mix both of them well and apply on your facial area.
  • Now scrub for about five minutes and make sure to do it in circular motion. After five minutes, rinse off the paste from your skin and pat it to dry.
  • This is a natural and effective way to give exfoliation to your skin and it will remove out all skin cells which are dead by now and in the results, you will feel cleaner and fresher skin.


2) Scrub with Honey & Green Tea

You may know that green tea is thought to be having anti-aging properties which is quite food for your overall skin as it helps treating wrinkles, blemishes and scars. The addition of honey will provide you with great antibacterial benefits as it contain antibacterial as well as moisturizing agents which both are essential for your skin.

  • You just have to brew a mug of loose green tea with extra-strength. When you are done, pour about one tbsp into a bowl and then let it get cooled for a few minutes.
  • Now take sugar (one tbsp) and pour it into the bowl. Stir it to mix well and then pour a little amount of money (one tbsp) and mix them well.
  • When the scrub is ready, apply it on your entire facial area and scrub all over it especially on those sports which are dryer.
  • Once you are done with scrubbing, remove it with a piece of cloth and then wash your face with cold water.

3) Scrub with Almond Meal

Almond meal can be very easily found on almost all local stores but you can also prepare them at your own home without spending lots of money on ready-to-use products.

  • If you have a food processor, put some raw almonds into it and turn them into fully grounded almond meal.
  • Once grounding is done, take almond meal (one cup) and pour olive or almond (½) cup into it and if you have essential oils, pour only a few drops in the bowl.
  • Adding some kind of essential oils such as lavender, lemon or rose can make your scrub even better and once it is ready, scrub it on entire facial area. Use cold water to wash out scrub and then pat it to dry.