/2nd Degree Sunburn – Infections and Pain Management

2nd Degree Sunburn – Infections and Pain Management


The sunburns might appear in forms of three degrees, however, in this article, the 2nd degree sunburn which is associated with pain will be discussed so it can be understood that how important it is to treat this form immediately. The outer skin layer is called epidermis while the middle skin layer is called dermis and in the result of occurrence of second degree sunburn, both epidermis and dermis get damaged. The 2nd degree can be further divided into two types which are known as deep thickness and superficial thickness. Though, superficial is more painful yet causes less discomfort than the other type. However, it might require surgeries such as excision or grafting etc.


The physicians strongly advise to take immediate medical treatment for the sunburn second degree as it may cause infections so quickly. Those who have got effected with 2nd degree burn, usually feel some pressure on certain areas and they must be very careful while washing or cleaning the burned areas which are more prone to be infected. Therefore, always give a good wash to your hands with antibacterial soap before you touch the burned region. If you need to wash the bad sunburn blisters, first of all wash your hands and then wash the areas. After washing the burned skin, carefully pat the skin with a piece of cloth to dry and then use ointment that contains antibacterial properties.

Pain Management

In case of damaged to the middle skin layer, the sufferer may experience extreme level of pain. The term Pain management refers to the ways to reduce the level of pain while someone suffering from the second degree sunburn and in this connection, normally pain relievers are used such as morphine, ibuprofen, strong opioids and acetaminophen which usually provide quick relief from the pain.