/21 Health and Beauty Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses

21 Health and Beauty Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses


They used to say that men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses but this is quite passé now. Today’s generation has a mind of their own and does not follow the dictates of times gone by. Glasses of all kinds and shapes are in fashion and the old styles of the 1960s and 1970s are back in vogue. Here are 21 superb health and beauty tips for girls who wear glasses.

1 – Using Thin Eyeliner

As a general rule, you should match your eyeliner to the kind of frames you are wearing. So thin frames would demand thinner eyeliner and vice versa. It just looks that much better.

2 – Using Smudged Eyeliner

One way of making your-self stand out from the crowd is to use smudged eyeliner. Applying this to either the upper or lower lid will definitely help in attracting attention.

3 – How to Shape your Brows

Always try to shape your brows according to the shape of the glasses you are wearing. This not only helps you look more coordinated but also enhances your style for a complete look.

4 – All the Way Around

If your eyes are small compared to the frames you are wearing, one trick to make your eyes appear larger and more expressive is to put eyeliner all the way around. This is the Gothic look that is popular in some cities among the youth.

5 – Brightening up the Eyes

If you find you are in low spirits and that your eyes need some kind of brightening, be sure to apply some powder or soft lightening cream that will work to this effect. You will look and feel better too.

6 – Using Mascara

One of the worrying points for ladies was that if applying mascara would stick to their frames or lenses, but the ones available these days are relatively safe and do not cause any concern on this account.

7 – Highlighting the Cheekbones

Cheekbones are one of the points most highlighted by models in their makeup repertoire, so don’t be afraid to touch up this area with a highlighter or some light foundation.

8 – Light Eyeliner

It’s all about how you look in the mirror. If your eyes appear too large because of your glasses, using lighter eyeliner and not going around the eyes will give a more natural effect.

9 – Great Complexion

How you match your makeup to your complexion is one of the main arts of looking and appearing beautiful. A good foundation will help highlight your complexion.

10 – Staying Neutral

If you wear glasses, you have the advantage of appearing neutral behind those lenses. You can sometimes avoid makeup or use just minimal makeup to get this effect.

11 – Double Mascara

Here is another option to make your eyes look more expressive. Applying a double layer of mascara to your eyes will make the lashes stand out and look extremely beautiful.

12 – Shimmering Color

With your eyes behind those lenses, one of the best ways to get noticed is to add a bit of shimmer to the lower part of the eyelids. Adding color to complement your makeup efforts makes you look outstanding.

13 – Gel Liner

There is a gel liner marketed by Maybelline which has just the effect of other liners, only better. It is especially effective for those who wear glasses. Try it and you will be amazed.

14 – Eyelash Curler

For those girls who don’t like applying mascara, eyelash curler available in the market is a good alternative. It never fails to make your eyes more expressive.

15 – Don’t Forget to Blush

One more trick to beautify your face is to apply blush on. It can really lift up your face on a sunny day, and your spirits too. Every girl glasses or not, must never forget to apply blush on.

16 – Define your Brows with Eyebrow Pencil

Defining your eyebrows with a makeup pencil is an easy and quick way to appear different and appealing. Do it today.

17 – Avoiding Bright Bold Colors

Even if you are a bit adventurous with your makeup, do save the bold and bright colors for your lips and the subtler ones for your skin and cheeks. It just looks better.

18 – Follow your Prescription

For those who wear glasses, always follow the doctor’s prescription and don’t sacrifice comfort for fashion.

19 – Double the Eyeliner for Smoky Eyes

If you have smoky eyes, you can accentuate the effect by doubling the eyeliner during your routine.

20 – Thicker Eyeliner

Your eyeliner should always complement your entire look and wardrobe. Thick glasses necessitate thick eyeliner for good effect.

21 – Cat Eye Eyeliner

There are some ways you can play with your eyeliner to have an artistic effect like drawing designs near your eyes. Ingenuity never ceases to get the crowd’s attention.