/13 Versatile Uses of Banana for Overall Body Health & Care

13 Versatile Uses of Banana for Overall Body Health & Care


The banana forms the diet of so many people on this planet that it is known to be among the three most widely grown fruit crops all over the world. Bananas come in many colors and sizes, and there are even seedless varieties. We call them plantains or bananas depending on their state of ripeness, color and consistency. Everything from the fruit to the skin of this wonderful fruit has been used for a variety of things, from polishing leather shoes to making delectable desserts and juices. The banana forms part of many a trifle or fruit cocktail. It is both delicious to eat as well as satiating to the tummy. It helps digestion and controls diarrhea. Besides this it also has many other uses as this article will highlight. .

The banana is considered a demon by weight watchers, who may even be ignorant of the various minerals, vitamins and other benefits that are associated with this easily available fruit. It thrives in most climates and is hardy enough to withstand extreme temperatures. That is why it is so widely cultivated and enjoyed as a fruit or snack in different parts of the world.

1) A Quick Energy Booster

To begin with, most bananas are naturally sweet as they contain a combination of fructose, sucrose and glucose. But that is not all. Bananas also contain a wide mixture of minerals and vitamins A, C and B6-to name a few. All this makes it the favorite of sportsmen and dietiticians, no matter where they live.

2) Ideal Breakfast Food/Snack

Bananas contain manganese, riboflavin and potassium, three vital ingredients for health and growth. They can provide an instant surge of energy, and the effects are so well known that it is the favorite food of many sportsmen used during competitions to keep up strength, stamina and vitality. Most families even use it as a staple breakfast food in many parts of the world. It is easily digestible making it a favorite among kids of all ages. Adults prefer it as well as it is easily stored, carried and eaten.

3) Controls Blood Pressure

Being a unique combination of calcium, potassium and manganese, the banana fruit is also known for helping to keep blood pressure under control and is recommended be doctors an dietitians the world over for these very benefits. Blood pressure sufferers please take note.

4) Lowers Bad Cholesterol

The banana fruit also contains pectin which is one of the cholesterol lowering agents of the body. As such the consumption of bananas promotes good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol.

5) Promotes Healthier Kidney Function

The banana is also known to contain antioxidants that encourage healthier renal function and promote health of the kidneys. The positive effect of consuming bananas is multiplied threefold if used with a combination of cabbage and root vegetables in the diet.

6) Prevents Bowel Cancer

Another positive effect of consuming bananas is that science has noted its benefits in reducing or eliminating chances of various types of cancer, especially the cancer of the bowels.

7) Reduces Chances of Heart Attack

Daily consumption of bananas will as far as possible also reduces the chances of heart attack, mainly due to the presence of high potassium content in the fruit.

8) Enhances Bone Health

Calcium absorption in the body is enhanced by the use of bananas in the diet, as the fruit contains probiotic bacteria that enhance this ability in the human body. This also helps develop better bones.

9) Encourages Digestive Processes

Bananas are renowned for promoting and enhancing digestive capacity due to the presence of a chemical in the fruit that acts as a probiotic or friendly bacteria. It intensified the actions of the colon and other parts of the digestive tract to make this feat possible. That is why it is highly recommended for recovering patients.

10) Prevents Various Ailments of the Digestive Tract

Bananas also help in regulating diseases of the digestive tract and control diarrhea. They can help stop constipation, aid in curing piles and in regulating bowel movement.

11) Regulates Anemia

Another benefit associated with this fruit is that it is known to reduce chances of anemia by promoting the rise of hemoglobin levels in the blood.

12) Prevents Heartburn

The antacid present in bananas serves as a remedy for heartburn and often prevents its occurrence.

13) Aids in Preventing Allergies

The amino acids present in the banana help prevent some allergies.