/10 Top Fairness Tips for Oily Skin

10 Top Fairness Tips for Oily Skin


For those who are not blessed (or should I say cursed) with oily skin, the image we have when we hear those two words is a face filled with pimples, scars, acne marks and blackheads or recovering from them. Well I can narrate my personal example that I have oily skin but have still managed to avoid or control these oft repeated issues. I have never used the chemical laden products available in the market but instead rely on natural products that are also called home made remedies.

Some fairness tips for oily skin are as follows;

  1. Always begin by washing your face with cold water. Do this 7 to 8 times a day. Then apply cleansers with natural ingredients. These include organic elements and facial products for the oily skin type.
  2. If you add a pinch of salt to this water, it will benefit the oily skin as it absorbs the oil on the surface of the skin.
  3. The next step is to pat the skin dry. It helps to do this with a very light touch because if you handle your skin roughly if can damage the top layer and aggravate underlying problems bringing them to the surface.
  4. Get a good skin toner. Go through the three steps of clean, tone and moisturize every day of the week. Using cleansing milk is highly beneficial. Toner will not only clean your face properly but it will also reduce the skin’s pores and make it harder for pimples to develop the next time.
  5. One good home remedy you can use is by juicing a cucumber in a blender and then adding some honey to this juice and applying on your face. This will instantly make your skin brighter.
  6. Another mixture that can be used for a daily moisturizer is by taking a papaya and mashing it, then adding a few drops of honey and two tablespoons of milk to it. Apply this mixture on your face and let it stay there for at least 30 minutes before washing it off with cold water and a dry towel.
  7. Another option is to apply egg-white to your face twice a week, as a fairness mask.
  8. Walnut scrub makes a good exfoliating agent if applied twice a week on your face. It acts as a deep cleanser, removing dirt and grease sunk into the skin’s pores. It also removes dryness and gives the skin a fair complexion.
  9. Raw milk is effective in giving a fair tone to babies so it is preferred by pregnant mothers.
  10. Take some gram flour, adding a pinch of turmeric and saffron, and then mixing in a little milk. Make it into a thick paste, then apply on your face. If you wash it off after 30 minutes, you will see an amazing difference in your appearance. It is like brides look on their wedding day.

Hope you liked all the above tips and will try some or most of them to see their effect on your skin.