/10 Tips on How to Have Perfect Skin without Makeup

10 Tips on How to Have Perfect Skin without Makeup


Everyone wants to win the battle against the skin drying up and losing its elasticity so it’s a boon to be able to do it naturally without applying any makeup. This saves time, money and trips to the market. The perfect skin without make up is a rarity that only very few can profess to have. Here are some excellent tips;

1 – Protection from Excessive Heat

The rays of the sun are a two edged sward. They can work in your favor or against you. Too much sun at the beach has been known to cause pimples, scars, irritation and sunburn. Also wear protective clothing.

2 – Control Your Smoking

If you really want good and long lasting skin beauty, don’t smoke or give it up altogether. In addition to its negative effects inside the body, smoking has also been linked to aging and loss of collagen, elastin, oxygen and other important nutrients. Don’t smoke if you want natural and radiant skin.

3 – Spend Less Time in the Bath

We don’t mean to be negative, but would just like to caution you that excessive bathing especially with hot water can deprive your skin of essential oils and dry it up excessively. You would need to put extra moisturizer just to counter this.

4 – Use a Mild Cleanser

Remember that there are a variety of skin cleansers available in the market. Forgetting to read the labels for ingredients and their possible effects on your skin type can be detrimental. Perfect skin is a product of good skin care and soft moisturizers and cleansers.

5 – Shave Carefully

If you need to do this, use a Ladymatic Shaver that is soft and slides on your skin. Soft gel or lotion can lubricate the skin adequately before applying the razor. The end result will be flawless, hairless skin.

6 – Don’t Rub Dry

It’s sometimes important to let nature take its course and dry off the effects of lubrication without your intervention with a towel or dryer. Rubbing off vigorously or briskly will serve to remove the skin’s essential oils and leave it dry and haggard.

7 – Use a Moisturizer

The best looking skin always seems supple and moist. Using a moisturizer when needed will keep the skin hydrated and wet rather than dry and shriveled. Always make sure that the moisturizer you choose is suitable for your skin type.

8 – Eat Healthy Food

What we eat defines not only our energy level but also how we look and feel to others and ourselves. Never forget that eating the wrong kinds of food can lead to obesity, allergies and illness and leave us feeling drained and lethargic very quickly indeed. Oily foods stimulate acne and sluggish digestion and can wreak havoc on our skin.

9 – Avoid Stress

It’s no laughing matter but in fact very true that stress at the office can leave us feeling drained and unappreciated. The skin also bears the brunt of stress in the long run.

10 – Wash your Face Daily

No, I am not being condescending but narrating a very important fundamental rule. Cleansing and washing your face and practicing oral hygiene can make all the difference to your smile, skin health and confidence level.