/10 Skin Beauty Tips Proven to Work for Women after 50

10 Skin Beauty Tips Proven to Work for Women after 50


For a civilization obsessed with beauty and youth, the chances are that most women would be acutely conscious about losing their good looks once they hit their 30s. But fear not, I say, as celebrities and A-listers have proved again and again that they can defeat the ravages of age by using various techniques and following a strict diet and exercise regimen that pays ample dividends in the long run. Read on if you are interested in learning ten tips that are known to enhance skin beauty in women even after hitting the age of 50.

1) Stay Adequately Hydrated

Most of us do not really appreciate the effect that drinking 8 glasses of water have on the female body. It flushes out toxins, lowers body temperature and aids in promoting the beauty of the skin.

2) Use a Sunscreen

Once again, pick a sunscreen that matches your skin type and apply it on most days you are out in the sun. Choose a quality product that has a good SPF or sun protection factor of 15 or more. The sun’s UV rays can wreak havoc with your face, feet and hands if not adequately protected.

3) Cleanse the Skin Regularly

The daily cleansing process adopted by you at the end of the day will pay dividends in the long run. It is best to choose cleansing materials that match your skin type. Use short upward strokes to remove makeup for best results.

4) Use a Gentler Exfoliation Process

Once a week, exfoliate the skin by using a gentle abrasive. If you do not want to use branded versions, oatmeal or orange peel can serve as natural alternatives for this process. Make sure it doesn’t irritate your skin too much. It pays to exfoliate the skin of the face as well as the feet and hands. Exfoliation makes the skin look better and younger by removing dead skin cells and making room for a new layer.

5) Lavish yourself with Moisturizer

The moisturizing process cannot be overlooked, especially in women at age 50. This is because inadequate care over the years can make your skin look very dehydrated and starved of nutrients.

6) Using an Eye Cream

Don’t forget that every inch of your face needs to be scrutinized and revitalized and your eyes should definitely not be overlooked. You can use a good eye cream every night to remove traces of aging and moisturize the areas around your eyes. It removes puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles.

7) Wash with Warm Water

This part is very simple but has its uses. Using too hot water can not only endanger the skin and cause scalding, but also lead to deterioration of the skin by causing dryness, dullness and wrinkles in the long run.

8) Always Be Gentle

Never do things in a hurry or in a rash manner when it comes to skin care. Use soft and supple materials that exude comfort and care. Rubbing too fast or vigorously will undermine the whole process.

9) Use the Right Foods

The importance of a proper and nutritious diet cannot be over emphasized. Use green tea, fruits and vegetables in abundance. There should also be a proper mix of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and essential oils to promote skin beauty from the inside out.

10) Breathe

I am not talking about breathing to live, which should come effortlessly. Rather, this is about employing correct breathing techniques, as taught in Hatha Yoga. A touch of daily meditation should also give you a better perspective of life.

There, now you have it, 10 superb techniques to beautify and enhance your skin even at age 50 and beyond. Adopt them wholeheartedly and reap the benefits.