/10 Causes of Dry Skin Patches on Face

10 Causes of Dry Skin Patches on Face


Anybody can get dry skin patches on face regardless of sex, age or skin type. However, in most of the cases, this condition is found in adults. These patches can be dry, red, itchy and flaky and there can be various reasons for this skin problem and to get rid of this permanently, you must know what is actually causing those patches on your face.

1) Lack of Sebum

The main factor that leads to the development of facial dry patches is a drop in the level of sebum which is essential to keep skin oily, soft, moist, elastic and smooth.

2) Xeroderma

Xeroderma, also called xerodermia, is the condition of extreme dryness. In this case, arms, legs, knuckles, thighs, abdomen and scalps can be affected, but the good thing about it is that it can be treated with moisturizers or emollients. The symptoms may include peeling, scaling, dry patches, cracking and itching.

3) Cold Weather

In cold weather, humidity level drops to low level and the lack of humidity in air causes skin dryness. To maintain humidity level in air, you need to have a humidifier in your room or home.

4) Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic products you are using might also cause dry patch of skin on face as some of these cosmetics contain chemicals such as parabens, coal tar dyes, laureth sulfate, siloxanes, sodium and the like. These ingredients might also create allergies on your skin which may lead to patches. You should not ignore the fact that use of chemical for a long time can put you to the risk of development of skin cancer. Therefore, you must read the labels before you buy a cosmetic product and try to get the one that contains natural ingredients rather than chemicals.

5) Hot Bath or Shower

Most of the people love to enjoy long hot bath or showers and it really gives great relaxation to the body and skin tissues, but the side effects of long hot showers also include dry skin patches. Surely you would not like to pay the cost of hot bath in form of painful dry patches. The hot bath dries out the moisture and natural oils from the skin so quickly and put it into great trouble. Therefore, to avoid such problems, you better have short bath with lukewarm water.

6) Dehydration

Dehydration is a major cause in this regards, so you must keep your body hydrated to maintain the level of moisture in your body. You need to increase the daily intake of liquid, but liquid does not mean alcohol or coffee or other caffeinated drinks as alcoholic and acidic drinks will dehydrate your body. You should drink water and juices of fruits and vegetables.

7) Deficiency of Vitamins

Sometimes, the deficiency of vitamins such as vitamin A and D can also create patches of dry skin on face and other body areas as well.

8) Poor Diet

Another cause can be poor intake of nutrition. Those who don’t care about adequate addition of necessary fatty acids, vitamin E, dietary minerals, biotin and all other necessary nutrition in their daily diet, usually become the victim of poor dieting as it is one of the major dry face skin causes.

9) Sunlight

Sunlight might also be a possible reason. Extreme exposure to sunlight plays a major role in developing dryness. If you are having dry skin issue, you should know that how sunlight as well as wind can damage your facial skin. If you ignore these 2 important factors and go out in sun without taking proper safety measures, you might never be able to get rid of this problem.

10) Swimming & Chlorine

It is also believed that swimming in a pool which has been chlorinated might lead to extreme dryness. This factor might create various other skin problem including pimples. Most of the swimmers who get suffered with development of pimples have been noticed to use some very harsh treatments such as the use of benzoyl peroxide that has a number of side effects in later stage including redness, itching and dryness.

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